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DEK Images can provide aerial photographs and film up to a height of 400ft and 500m away from the pilot (VLOS). We fly to strict CAA guidelines which can be found in our safe flying tab. However these might be able to be extended with sufficient planning and application to the CAA. Our UAV (drone) can fly between 18 and 20 minutes, giving plenty of time to capture greatness.  We are a friendly bunch and work closely with the clients to achieve the perfect shot whilst staying safe in the air. We pride ourselves on our work so will keep going until the perfect shot is achieved and our clients are happy. We offer full post production work with our extremely talented in house editor.

Below are guide prices, but with every job being different and unique please contact us so we can arrange job information and final pricing. We are not limited to the below 4 options and can work with whatever job you may have in mind. Give us a call and have a chat about how we can work for you or your business.

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