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Property photography

Property films

Selling a house is competitive, we know that. You spend hours on social media and pay a small fortune to have a website that best showcase's the property so it will jump out at the customer, make them want to see more, arrange a viewing and give you the opportunity sell them the house. What better way to have your property catch the customer’s attention than a stunning aerial shot. Better yet a gorgeous HD film showing all the lovely curves and angles of your potential customers 'next' home. Want to take it a stage further? Treat them to a teaser film of the inside as well, it will practically sell the house for you. Why not have a professional voiceover whilst you're at it? They are all services that DEK Images are proud to offer at a jaw dropping price! Gone are the days of aerial photography costing a chunk of your selling fee, we are so reasonably priced that these options are available for any of your houses, not only the mega mansions.


If you think that reasonable prices means a drop in quality, think again. Take a look at our samples below and then contact us to get the DEK treatment.

V IMG_4849 the bank (1 of 8)