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Drone Operator - Dean Russell

Meet Team DEK

Dean is the owner and founder of DEK Images and holds a EuroUSC Bnuc-s qualification.

He has had an interest is all things flying since a young lad, getting many hours of flight time in a bulldog and glider whilst with the RAF air cadets. In his early 20's he moved into the music industry where he started to learn about the multimedia side of things, helping to produce and edit music videos and short films.

A keen sportsman whether wakeboarding on the water, playing football on the park or running around the local streets. He is in his element whilst having fun. Professional, approachable and with a creative eye, he will help you achieve shots you only ever dreamed of.

We fly the astonishing DJI Inspire 1. This UAV is industry leading and the preferred quadcopter of many production and photography companies. It has 2 person operation meaning the UAV operator concentrates on the flying whilst the cameraman can get the perfect smooth shot.

Mounted underneath is the astonishing X5 camera and gimble system. This Micro Four Thirds camera is the benchmark for crisp filming and stills with a full 12.8 stops of dynamic range.

Our work is weather dependant, constant rain or winds above 25mph will ground us.

If the weather is on off rain then we will still attend and fly in the breaks of weather.

You can cancel up to seven days before the date but will be at a cost of 10% of the total price. Cancelation in the seven days run up to the day without re-schedule is charged at 75%.

Cancelation within this time with a re-schedule will not be charged any additional.

We own the copyright to the images but you have free license to use them however you wish.

We will only ever use them for our promotional purposes.

Exclusive copyright is available at an extra cost to be negotiated.

The still images will be shot in both jpeg and dng raw format and will be available to you on the day by transfer onto laptop or data drive.

Video images will be recorded at a frame rate agreed or standard 24fps

Terms and Conditions

DJI Osmo handheld camera- Ozzie

DJI Inspire 1 Drone - Desmond tutu

The omso uses the same gimble and camera system as our Inspire so brings the rock steady stability to a handheld system. This allows us to capture perfect ground based film and photos to match our aerial work.

This amazing piece of kit also enables us to capture stunning immersive 360 Virtual Reality panorama images, perfect for marketing on You Tube and Facebook.


Camera Operator - John Smith

Desmnd tutu dean

Smithy (no-one calls him John) is a keen amateur photographer and is young enough to be part of the Xbox generation. Unbeknown to him that over the years this has crafted him into the perfect drone camera operator.

Whilst having a keen eye on all aspects of the image his hours spent shooting zombies on the Xbox means that he produces the smoothest pans and puts the camera exactly where it needs to be.

Away from the controls Smithy is a keen runner and gym goer. He is determined, focused and very driven, making him perfect for the camera controls.


Together Smithy and Dean create some of the most amazing silky shots which are quickly gaining them a strong reputation in the industry.